Immersion Heater Repair

repair Immersion Heater Repair

Immersion Heater Repair

Here at our main job is the repair of Immersion heaters. They cylinder itself will last decades and usually a new thermostat or element will have it running like new. Therefore, most of our work deals with Immersion Heater Repairs as opposed to fitting brand new systems but we are more than happy to do both.

The Immersion Heater Repair is usually a quick job as long as it’s just replacing a part. The job should take less than 2 hours from when the technician arrives. We try to ensure all our repair jobs are done on the same day or next day of getting a phone call. The earlier in the day you call the better chance we can get out to you on the same day as we understand that having no hot water makes life difficult.

If you’re unfortunate enough to have a complicated job Immersion Heaters can get messy and you need to get it sorted as soon as you can. Small cracks in cylinders can flood your whole house if they break and even the elements can knock off the power in your house if it breaks and trips the fuse board. If you think there’s an issue with your Immersion please get onto us as fast as you can. The sooner a technician gets out to your home the sooner we can solve the problem; in hours if it’s simple and hopefully within the day if it’s not.

The best route to get in touch with us for an immersion heater repair is to call or e-mail our support team. They’ll organise one of our technicians to be out to you as soon as possible.

How do we work?

Our process here at is simple; we want as much as possible to be done by our team on the ground. That means getting you in touch with the plumber or electrician that’s going out to your home after we organise your repair. Here at Immersion Heater we don’t like wasting your time by talking to office staff. We want you in the hands of our qualified professionals from the earliest possible start.

When we get your phone call or e-mail our priority is getting you in contact with a technician immediately to get your job started and organise a time that suits you. The way we look at things the faster we can get your job finished the happier you’ll be.