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Immersion Heater Repair & Replacement

Immersion Heater Ireland offers Dublin's premium on-the-spot replacement and repair service for a Broken Immersion. Through years of providing unrivalled service to our customers across Dublin, we have established ourselves as the fastest acting and most consistently reliable solution, if you have a Broken Immersion.

On-the-Spot Immersion Heater Repair

Our Immersion Repair experts are fully equipped to instantly fix 95% of Broken Immersions on-the-spot. We continuously monitor the latest trends and industry data for Broken Immersion repair, to ensure that we are equipped with all the essential tools. Our combination of fast response and one-visit repair separates us out from all other Immersion Repair companies.

Fully Insured, Fully Licensed Repairmen

Our Immersion Repair team is comprised of fully licensed plumbers and electricians, who are specially trained in all areas of repairing and replacing Broken Immersions. Our Immersion Repair service is also fully insured, covering professional indemnity damages up to €13,000,000. For the year 2015, our insurance provider is Zurich Insurance. As part of our identification and quality assurance policy, all of our technicians responding to Emergency Plumbing issues will carry full supportive documentation for your review, whenever you should request.

24-hour, 365-day Immersion Heater Service

A Broken Immersion can often manifest at the least convenient moment - like during the first cold night of autumn or winter. But thanks to the experts at, you needn't ever worry. Day or Night, 7 days a week, our Immersion Repair team are standing by to help!

Immersion Heater Sales & Repair

Whether you are relaxing with a nice soak in the bath, or doing the washing up after a dinner with your family, hot water is an essential part of your everyday life. The modern approach to getting both your house and your water properly heated is crystal clear: the installation of an immersion heater!

Immersion heaters are mostly used to heat liquids such as water, but they can also be used to heat gases. We’re talking in general, of course. These heaters are installed in vessels or tanks to heat the liquid. They are useful in both home and commercial applications such as stores or restaurants.

In homes, they are mostly used for heating water. The water then is used either by the central heating system to raise the ambient temperature of the house in chilly days, and also for the shower, the sinks, dishwashers and washing machines.

For commercial purposes, they are ideal for a number of industries, including any business that comes in direct contact with their clients. Nobody wants their clients to be uncomfortable due to a lower-than-ideal temperature in their shop!

Immersion heaters are cost effective and very efficient. They are, no doubt, the best option. Using gas for producing heat is up to 4 times more energy-efficient than using electric current.

How does an immersion heater work?

Immersion heaters look quite basic from the outside - an insulated large size tank with some pipes running in and out. On the inner side of the tank there is, obviously, the water and a metallic coil known as the heating element. The heating element is mostly made from copper, but in some cases, it is made from a superalloy and titanium. A superalloy is ideal for use in areas with hard or highly acidic water as it prevents the degradation of the system.

The cylindrical heating element is ‘immersed’ into the liquid. This heating element is quite similar to what you can find inside electric kettles these days - however, in immersion heaters, it is on a much larger scale. It’s also vastly more efficient and runs on gas, rather than electricity. For domestic systems, they usually range from 300mm to 900mm in length.

To bring the liquid up to temperature, an electric current is sent via heating element, which causes it to generate heat, which is then transferred to the water reserve.

To control the heating element and monitor the liquid temperature, a thermostat is fitted inside the tank. The thermostat turns the heating element on or off as necessary, or as programmed by the user. You can choose from a wide range of immersion thermostats that allow you to set your desired room temperature based on your needs and schedule.

At the top of the tank, the water is always the hottest due to the rising heat. So, after turning on the tap, water flows out of the tank from a pipe which is near the top. Simultaneously, from the bottom of the tank, cold water flows inside which is then heated by the element.

Benefits of Immersion Heaters

Stability: Immersion heaters are highly stable. They can sustain extreme weather and environmental conditions and last much longer than other heating systems. Most of the ones you can buy nowadays are made at a very high standard, so you can’t really go wrong regardless of which one you pick.

Safety: There are no moving parts in immersion systems, and they do not produce exhaust fumes. Additionally, they don’t have an open flame either. These characteristics make them safe to use in any household. Our friends over at Bunk Beds Ireland found that the fastest way to heat your children's rooms to comfortable temperatures is through the use of an immersion heater.

Ecological: Immersion heaters are environmentally friendly and do not create carbon emissions.

Silent: As compared to some other heating systems, immersion heaters are significantly quieter. Most of them produce a very low amount of noise, and only during the heating process or maintenance.

Economical: As mentioned before, immersion heaters are cost effective as they use gas instead of electricity and have a significantly longer life compared to other options.

Immersion Heater Repair Service:

Immersion heaters, if improperly maintained or running under less-than-optimal conditions, may fail or have leaks when it comes to heating water. This is not a frequent issue though, and the average buyer will likely only need to repair it once or twice during the product’s total lifetime. Generally speaking, they are very reliable machines.

Once you have detected these faults in your immersion heater, it is recommended that you instantly contact a professional service specialized in heater repairs. We are here for you. It is important to solve the problem in its initial stages as the longer you postpone it, the more parts you may have to repair and the cost will be higher. Worst case scenario, it might even come to finding yourself having to completely replace your immersion heater. If you think this is the case, give us a phonecall and we can discuss the most cost-efficient option for you.

We are the experts on all aspects of immersion heaters replacement and repairs. We offer the best immersion heater repair service in Ireland at a reasonable price and are capable of fixing or replacing your immersion heater anytime! Customer satisfaction and happiness are our top priorities and we take our work very seriously.

If you notice your immersion heater is broken and want to get it fixed professionally, you can contact us. Our specialized team of electricians and plumbers is here for you. We have all the high quality tools and replacements parts required for a successful and efficient immersion heater repair. Our experts are well trained and exceptionally skillful. We can repair any model of immersion heater. Therefore, if you need a repair or the installation of a completely new one, you can call us for a price quote and we can go from there.

We distinguish ourselves from our competition because we take responsibility of all our repairs and present a friendly, down to earth approach to everything we do. In order to provide a quality service, we use highest quality materials and tools for the repairs to ensure that your immersion heater will be up and running again in no time!

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