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Attic Water Tank


Includes parts and installation. Excluding VAT.

Price quoted is for an attic water tank replacement. If you require a new installation, please contact us for a quote.

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Our specialised team of plumbers can supply and fit a brand new attic water tank for your household at the best price in Dublin.

If your tank is broken or leaking, our team of fully qualified technicians can ensure your water system is back up and running as soon as possible.

While there is always the possibility to repair an old water tank, the safest course of action is to fit a new one attic tank from a reputable supplier. This is due to the fast that most houses in Ireland use older metal tanks that are hard to maintain and — in time — can end up contaminating the water supply.

Our team can fit a brand new, durable, slimline PVC tank. These newer tanks are designed to prevent contamination, they are easily to fit and are significantly easier to repair. They usually last for decades without the need for maintenance.

They will have an easier integration with your electric system and have a good amount of insulation surrounding the hot water section of your tank — helping you reduce thermal loss and save money.

Converting your attic into living space could raise a lot of potential problems. If you need some assistance get in touch with our team. You can furthermore get custom built wardrobes and storage furniture for your attic — visit CustomMade.ie for details.

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