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Immersion Heater are the best electrical immersion heater fitting and repair company in Dublin. We provide our services to anywhere in Ireland, we fit new immersion heater cylinders, replace faulty parts and perform routine servicing which customers should have serviced every two years. We are 100% Irish owned business operating out of our Factory/Office in Kylemore, Park North.

We supply each and every one of our licenced technicians with their own fully fitted vans that are fully stocked with parts for most immersion heaters. This means most of the problems that arise can be solved on site, same day as the call out is made.

We understand that most customers need their immersion heater fixed as soon as possible. A broken immersion heater that needs fixing can cause a massive amount of stress and forces some customers to change their plans, stay home from work or arrive late to work. These are problems that we wish to reduce for our customers with our quick & reliable customer service.

We want all of our customers to be sure that they are working with complete professionals. We are a licenced and Insured company that does everything by the book. Everything we do, from immersion heater repairs & installations, to storage heater installations is done by licenced professionals who strive to meet our customer service standards.

I need a fuse board!

Do you also need a new fuse board? We also sell fuse board upgrades alongside our immersion heater upgrades.
What we sell are MCB (Miniature Circuit Breaker) fuse boards. These are newer and more modern than the current older models. When the current becomes too high the MCB Switch simply flips instead of blowing a fuse. This means it’s easier & cheaper than replacing a fuse every time something goes wrong.
MCBs are also safer as they accurately measure the amp size before flicking, while fuses can accidentally handle more current than they’re supposed to, this is a safety concern.
Our fuse boards are also fitted with RCD (residual current devices). These are safer because they will shut down entire sections of electricity in your home if they sense an imbalance in current. These are an extra safety precaution compared to the older and less safe boards still installed in most homes.

Immersion tank repair

We only employ qualified and regulated professionals to fit and service your immersion heater. You should get your immersion tank checked annually by a qualified professional like the ones we provide here at

The team here at know that you need a fast repair when your tank breaks. A broken immersion tank will complicate your life and throw you out of your routine.

Our workers have years’ experience in not only immersion heating, but are qualified in multiple professions and capable of a variety of work, from plumbing and electrical, to carpentry and construction.

We provide Immersion heater fittings and repairs anywhere in Ireland. If you need faulty parts or your system serviced Immersion Heater can get the job done for you. We are 100% Irish owned company so that means we are dedicated to our market.

We source our licenced tradesmen from years’ experience in the industry. We’ve worked with the best that Ireland has to offer, and we wanted to offer that same quality workmanship to the everyday homeowner.

Fully insured, Fully licensed tradesmen. They are licensed and trained plumbers and electricians that have been repairing and replacing broken immersion tank for years. Many old Irish homes were fitted with immersion heaters, this means any tradesman working in the industry has numerous years of experience working with and fixing these essential home heating systems.

The cost of replacing your immersion heater

Depending on the size of the hot water cylinder you could have two or more heating elements. These elements generally last a long time depending on the amount of use they get, but eventually they will need to be replaced.

Over time, immersion heating elements will burn out. You’ll know because you will cease to have hot water. You should always hire a qualified plumber in the case of a broken immersion heater element.

The cost of having an immersion heater element replaced is 170. This is because it is the combined cost of a plumber full day of work and the cost of the replacement immersion element itself.


How do I get my immersion heater repaired?

We here at have an easy process. When you get into contact with us, Over the phone or by email, we put you in touch with our operations manager who can go over every detail of the issue.

You can detail to him exactly what the issue is and we will advise you what needs to be done, and approximately how much it could cost. From there, after you’ve decided to have your immersion heater repaired, we will have one of our licenced and qualified plumbers head out to you, at an easy and convenient time for you. Usually after this initial meeting, it should only take one more meeting to have your immersion heater repaired.

Most problems can be fixed on site, but we allow for a second meeting because if a piece needs to be replaced and fitted that piece of equipment needs to be retrieved from our factory here in kylemore, park north.

In our factory we manufacture various products for all different types of clients. One of the products we design and manufacture is Radiator covers. We Manufacture several different types of radiator covers for our website If your radiators have gotten old or rusty, a quality radiator cover could improve them.

Alternatively if you are considering buying or getting bespoke furniture made for your house as part of your home renovation our partners can look after your needs from A to Z. Custom Made is a Dublin-based bespoke furniture company that routinely does kitchen fitouts, walk-in wardrobes, built in wardrobes and commercial and exhibition units. For inspiration and to get a quote for built in wardrobes or anything else click here.

No hot water?

Finding out why you have no hot water can be a challenge. However, with a quick call to us here at we can help you in any emergency.

no hot water

No hot water?

There are many reasons why the hot water in your house might have stopped working, multiple points of failure can cause a lack of hot water. When was the last time your boiler was serviced? Without regular service and maintenance your boiler can stop working entirely, leaving you without any hot water.

If you don’t have an immersion heater installed, the lack of hot water could be attributed to faults with your gas boiler.

Our technical teams will run through some simple troubleshooting tips with you to see if your problem can be resolved over the phone. If not, we’ll send a highly skilled and qualified plumber round to get your taps back on as soon as possible.

There could be many reasons for your lack of water so it’s better to trust the professionals. After all, you could end up making it worse and you could be faced with a hefty bill to pay to repair the damage. We help, we repair, we care.

Do I need a boiler replacement?

Here at we supply and fit brand new boilers at an affordable price. Boiler replacement is a full day job for one of our qualified & insured tradesmen. There is typically multiple points of failure during any home heating replacement, so we ensure that our tradesmen are more than capable of providing the service.

Boilers are a long lasting home heating appliance that is essential for most irish homes. They are expected to last 15 years with regular maintenance every 1 – 3 years.

boiler replacement

Boiler Replacement

95% of Irish homes are still fitted with the boiler they were initially built with. That means it’s costing you much more than expected to heat your boiler, as the efficiencies of a new, modern boiler are not in effect.
A modern boiler will improve your heating costs, it is not uncommon to hear stories of people cutting their heating bills in half. That is why we recommend a boiler replacement. Modern boilers will pay for themselves within a couple of months.

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We offer the best services & lowest prices in Dublin. We are available 24/7 for immersion repairs and fitting immersion heating systems. We are a 100% Irish owned company based in Kylemore, Dublin. (more…)

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Here at we only employ qualified and regulated professionals to fit and service your immersion heater. You should get your immersion heater checked annually by a qualified professional like the ones we provide here at (more…)