No hot water?

Finding out why you have no hot water can be a challenge. However, with a quick call to us here at we can help you in any emergency.

no hot water

No hot water?

There are many reasons why the hot water in your house might have stopped working, multiple points of failure can cause a lack of hot water. When was the last time your boiler was serviced? Without regular service and maintenance your boiler can stop working entirely, leaving you without any hot water.

If you don’t have an immersion heater installed, the lack of hot water could be attributed to faults with your gas boiler.

Our technical teams will run through some simple troubleshooting tips with you to see if your problem can be resolved over the phone. If not, we’ll send a highly skilled and qualified plumber round to get your taps back on as soon as possible.

There could be many reasons for your lack of water so it’s better to trust the professionals. After all, you could end up making it worse and you could be faced with a hefty bill to pay to repair the damage. We help, we repair, we care.