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When Should I Replace My Gas Boiler?

Our specialists answer your question: When is it time to replace your Gas Boiler?

Our expert plumbers can supply and fit a brand new gas boiler replacement for your home at an affordable price.

Boiler replacement is a full day job. Boilers are a long lasting home heating appliance that is essential for most irish homes. They are expected to last 15 years with regular maintenance (which is recommended to be done annually).

Most Irish homes are still fitted with the heating system they were initially built with. That means it’s costing you much more than expected to heat your home, as the efficiencies of a new, modern boiler are not in effect.

A modern boiler will improve your heating costs. It is not uncommon to hear stories of people cutting their heating bills in half with a new, high-efficiency gas boiler replacement. Modern boilers will pay for themselves within a couple of years and save you money for long after that.

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