Immersion tank repair

We only employ qualified and regulated professionals to fit and service your immersion heater. You should get your immersion tank checked annually by a qualified professional like the ones we provide here at

The team here at know that you need a fast repair when your tank breaks. A broken immersion tank will complicate your life and throw you out of your routine.

Our workers have years’ experience in not only immersion heating, but are qualified in multiple professions and capable of a variety of work, from plumbing and electrical, to carpentry and construction.

We provide Immersion heater fittings and repairs anywhere in Ireland. If you need faulty parts or your system serviced Immersion Heater can get the job done for you. We are 100% Irish owned company so that means we are dedicated to our market.

We source our licenced tradesmen from years’ experience in the industry. We’ve worked with the best that Ireland has to offer, and we wanted to offer that same quality workmanship to the everyday homeowner.

Fully insured, Fully licensed tradesmen. They are licensed and trained plumbers and electricians that have been repairing and replacing broken immersion tank for years. Many old Irish homes were fitted with immersion heaters, this means any tradesman working in the industry has numerous years of experience working with and fixing these essential home heating systems.