Do I need a boiler replacement?

Here at we supply and fit brand new boilers at an affordable price. Boiler replacement is a full day job for one of our qualified & insured tradesmen. There is typically multiple points of failure during any home heating replacement, so we ensure that our tradesmen are more than capable of providing the service.

Boilers are a long lasting home heating appliance that is essential for most irish homes. They are expected to last 15 years with regular maintenance every 1 – 3 years.

boiler replacement

Boiler Replacement

95% of Irish homes are still fitted with the boiler they were initially built with. That means it’s costing you much more than expected to heat your boiler, as the efficiencies of a new, modern boiler are not in effect.
A modern boiler will improve your heating costs, it is not uncommon to hear stories of people cutting their heating bills in half. That is why we recommend a boiler replacement. Modern boilers will pay for themselves within a couple of months.