Undersink water heater

Under Sink Water Heater (ATC)

Under-Counter-Water-Heater-300x300 Undersink water heater

€ 250.00

Price includes part, installation and VAT.

Price quoted is for a replacement part. If you require a new installation, please contact us (using the form to the right) for a quote.

Immersionheater.ie supply and fit under sink heaters along with general immersions. Most people who opt for an undersink hot water heater usually only have a cold feed running to their tap and it's much easier to install a hot water heater instead of trying to add a hot feed from the boiler. The undersink heater acts in a similar way to a shower, ensuring that you always have hot water when you need it.

The hot water heater has a cheap initial set up cost when compared to plumbing a whole new feed to your sink, so it's commonly used for kitchenette's and offices that need hot water quickly and easily, without the hassle of a full plumbing set up.

Hot water heater

The problem caused by home heating systems is that if you're just looking for hot water then you have to turn on the entire system.

This way of heating water is inefficient and increases your heating bill. The problem is that this newly heated water has to travel through the pipe and push the previous water down and out the tap, which loses 60 liters per day.

That's why a hot water heater placed directly on the pipe is designed to heat the water in the pipe as soon as you turn on the hot water. No need to turn on the main heating for hot water, just turn it on at the tap.

This also ensures that you'll always have hot water, as it is a second way of heating water alongside your home's central heating.