Immersion Switch

Immersion Switch

€ 90.00

Price includes part, installation and VAT.

Price quoted is for a replacement part. If you require a new installation, please contact us (using the form to the right) for a quote.

While there are a number of time clocks for immersion heaters, sometimes you need to keep it simple. An immersion switch is the easiest way to turn your hot water on and off when you need it. Simply flick the switch a half hour or so before you want to use the hot water in your home and the Immersion will begin heating up. The benefit of the switch is the ability to turn off your Immersion and hence saving you money. Some new timers allow you to work through their screens to turn the Immersion on and off, but if you opt for a simpler timer it may not have this option available.

You can always combine a simple immersion switch with a timer and a thermostat for more effective control of your immersion heater and we would definitely recommend that you purchase a timer in conjunction with the switch. Timers allow you to take advantage of cheaper night rates when you combine it with a thermostat and you can make your immersion heating as cheap as possible.

If you require an immersion switch fitting service or any other immersion heater maintenance service, get in touch with us. For homeowners outside of the Leinster area we recommend finding a local qualified plumber through an online tradesmen service. If you are interested in finding tradesmen anywhere in Ireland (including Dublin) go to

How will we fit your Immersion Switch? can replace your immersion switch quickly and easily if you have a pre-installation. With the pre-existing wiring in place one of our electricians will simply recut the wiring and install a new switch. It will usually take less than an hour to complete the entire job. A faulty switch is irritating to deal with; most of the time the entire Immersion is working fine but the switch simply won’t let you turn it on. However, this still essentially means the Immersion is useless as it will leave you without any hot water. If you break the switch get onto us as soon as you can, we’ll either solve the problem on the same day or early the next day – we understand that being left without your immersion is a pain, and we aim to get that pain erased as quickly as possible.