immersion heater timer

Immersion Timer

Immersion heaters are one of the best ways to heat water in your home. Oil and Gas boilers are often too expensive because of inefficiency; they’ll keep the water for your tap and shower hot as long as the heating’s on, which can be quite wasteful, as if you don’t shower or wash dishes during this time the water will go cold in just a few hours. However, one of the issues with immersion heaters is that the water isn’t hot all the time. You might need to plan when you need the water to be heated and waiting a half hour to an hour after you come home to wash dishes or yourself isn’t always ideal. We sell a few separate timers here at that are sure to make this part of them much easier.

Choosing the right Immersion Heater Timer

We have two main immersion timers in stock here at; a standard time clock just for houses and a more expensive (but more useful) time clock for apartments or houses. The standard time clocks are simple to most home heating timers you might have, they come with a dial and you set what time you want the immersion to come on or come off at. Very handy if you know what time you might like to shower/wash dishes and with an immersion you can turn the heat off after you’re done, whereas with oil or gas you’re generally stuck with the water in your tank staying heated as long as the central heating is on.

The economy (e7) time clock is slightly different. It’s designed to utilise night time rates so all you need to do is set the time of day and the water will heat through the night and be hot from around 7am onwards. If you want to use it during the day there’s a simple boost function that heats the water for 2 hours max and will allow you to have a shower in the evening. The economy time clock will generally save you money on your electricity bill as it’s more efficient than a standard timer or switch and by using night rates it’s almost as cheap as oil and gas, but still much more efficient.

When it comes to buying an immersion heater timer, we recommend an E7 time clock for maximum efficiency, but we also fit and install regular time clocks and immersion switches. It really depends on what you’re looking for in your immersion. Some people want the E7 savings, and if you shower in the mornings anyway it’ll save you quite a bit of money on electricity over a number of years. Other people can’t be bothered with timers at all and just want a simple switch – particularly people who are at home during the day and can’t plan there day easily. Whatever you need has a timer, switch and an electrician to fit it for you, just give us a call and let us work our magic.

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