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Mira Elite Shower


Includes shower and installation. Excluding VAT.

Price quoted is for a Mira Elite QT shower replacement. If you require a new installation, please contact us for a quote.

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Our technicians can replace old Mira or Triton showers in record time and at affordable rates. Completely new electric shower installations can also be done at an additional cost.

We can supply and fit a replacement in a matter of hours if you've had the shower previously installed. New installations change things slightly, but call us to organise a time that suits you and we can get you a brand new Mira Elite shower.

Living without your shower is a pain. If yours breaks, we'll always do our best to get it fixed fast and make the whole experience hassle-free for you.

Mira Elite electric showers are rated 9.8kW as they draw a significant amount of power in order to heat your water fast and keep it hot during use. This means that they cannot run at the same time as car chargers as they would exceed the maximum load allowed by your electricity provider.

When you install a car charger on a property that has an electric shower or vice-versa, your installer needs to install a priority switch or a CT clamp on your EV charger, which will either disable or reduce the power of your charger when it detects that the electric shower is in use.

We employ electricians and plumbers and over the course of 10+ years we have always maintained our commitment to providing a speedy solution to all your shower problems.

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