I need a fuse board!

Do you also need a new fuse board? We also sell fuse board upgrades alongside our immersion heater upgrades.
What we sell are MCB (Miniature Circuit Breaker) fuse boards. These are newer and more modern than the current older models. When the current becomes too high the MCB Switch simply flips instead of blowing a fuse. This means it’s easier & cheaper than replacing a fuse every time something goes wrong.
MCBs are also safer as they accurately measure the amp size before flicking, while fuses can accidentally handle more current than they’re supposed to, this is a safety concern.
Our fuse boards are also fitted with RCD (residual current devices). These are safer because they will shut down entire sections of electricity in your home if they sense an imbalance in current. These are an extra safety precaution compared to the older and less safe boards still installed in most homes.