Radiator replacement

Radiator Replacement

Standard-Radiator-300x263 Radiator replacement

€ 150.00 

Price includes part, installation and VAT.

Price quoted is for a replacement part. If you require a new installation, please contact us (using the form to the right) for a quote.

Whether your radiator is broken or just old, immersionheater.ie can replace them quickly and easily at the cheapest rate you'll find in Ireland. We would always recommend changing your radiator before it breaks down completely, as broken radiators not only leave your home cold in the 9 winter months Ireland gets, it can also leak water from your boiler system, which is far more expensive to fix.

Compared to possible complications, it's a lot safer to change the radiator when it's merely old rather than completely broken. A big plus to this, is that the benefit of a new radiator can be felt immediately. Newer radiators are hotter and lose less water as they go. It should come as no surprise that a new high efficiency boiler combined with brand new radiators use less energy and are hotter than older systems! 

Don't lose money unnecessarily by "bleeding" heat and water. You may well end up with more problems that have to fixed. If you need your radiators replaced, be clever, and get it done before it causes you any more hassle.