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Thermostats are some of the most overlooked items in boilers. Whether you use oil or gas there are huge benefits to having and maintaining an effective thermostat.

Most boilers come with thermostats initially, however they rarely last as long as the boiler and then end up not getting replaced when they break. This is genuinely quite silly. A thermostat ensures that your boiler will switch off when the water heats to a certain temperature, saving energy and preventing your system overheating. 

Aside from this, they prevent mechanical problems. If your boiler heats unchecked, the water will eventually boil. This can cause damage to your radiators and pips, as they're not designed to manage that level of heat. It can also cause the water to turn to steam, removing water from your system, and filing it with literal hot air.

All of these problems are expensive, difficult to deal with and easily preventable. A thermostat is a no-brainer for keeping your central heating system in working order, especially considering how cheap they are. If your thermostat breaks, we suggest you're careful with setting your heating system and get it repaired as soon as you can.