Thermostatic rad valves (TRV)

Thermostatic Rad Valves (TRV)

Thermostatic-Radiator-Valves-300x219 Thermostatic rad valves (TRV)

€ 60.00

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So, what on earth is a thermostatic radiator valve?

Simply put, it replaces the hand valve on your radiator to give you more control of the rooms temperature. The valve takes the room temperature into account and when it reaches a certain point prevents the radiator from heating up. This can be really handy, it allows you to set each room at different temperatures, which can benefit immensely when you want to heat up a sitting room and not the kitchen, or keep your bedrooms a little cooler than the living area.

They're a really cheap and easy way to save money and improve convenience. Here at we're actually surprised more people don't use them! If you want some advice on whether they would suit you, or want to order some for your house, get in touch and we'll set a date.