Apartment Time Clock

€ 190.00

Price includes part, installation and VAT.

Price quoted is for a replacement part. If you require a new installation, please contact us (using the form to the right) for a quote.

An economy (E7) time clock is the standard fitting for an apartment. The time clock utilises night time electricity rates to heat water late at night and then use it during the day. When combined with a well insulted immersion heater this can really save quite a bit of money, as night time rates are around half of what you pay during the day. The time clock controls this heating and with combined boost functions and ordinary timers, is very effective at maintaining heat during the day at cost-effective rates.

A benefit to the heating at night method, is not needing to wait for your home to "heat-up". The water is already their ready for use, so you can even save on the cost of timing your heating to come on an hour before you wake up or come home. 

Storageheater.ie can replace broken economy time clocks or fit new ones depending on where you're at with your heating system. For the slightly higher cost of an economy time clock, as opposed to a simple switch or regular timer, the benefits are well worth the extra spend in both cost and simple convenience. If you think you need a time clock replaced or need a new one installed, call us today to discuss what you need and arrange a time.