The cost of replacing your immersion heater

Depending on the size of the hot water cylinder you could have two or more heating elements. These elements generally last a long time depending on the amount of use they get, but eventually they will need to be replaced.

Over time, immersion heating elements will burn out. You’ll know because you will cease to have hot water. You should always hire a qualified plumber in the case of a broken immersion heater element.

The cost of having an immersion heater element replaced is 170. This is because it is the combined cost of a plumber full day of work and the cost of the replacement immersion element itself.


How do I get my immersion heater repaired?

We here at have an easy process. When you get into contact with us, Over the phone or by email, we put you in touch with our operations manager who can go over every detail of the issue.

You can detail to him exactly what the issue is and we will advise you what needs to be done, and approximately how much it could cost. From there, after you’ve decided to have your immersion heater repaired, we will have one of our licenced and qualified plumbers head out to you, at an easy and convenient time for you. Usually after this initial meeting, it should only take one more meeting to have your immersion heater repaired.

Most problems can be fixed on site, but we allow for a second meeting because if a piece needs to be replaced and fitted that piece of equipment needs to be retrieved from our factory here in kylemore, park north.

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